Religious foolishness of humans

Religious foolishness of humans

By George Merlo Pallath


A man is born into bondage- the birth determines his religion, his nationality, race, caste and ethnicity. He had no choice of his own. He will be conditioned and brain washed into adhering to all these manmade boundaries and divisions. Otherwise, he will be hounded by his own people, branded a traitor, and considered an outcast. As the famous world teacher J Krishnamurthi observed Truth is a path less land. Man cannot reach it through any organization, religion, dogma, ritual, philosophy, or technique.

We are all second hand people. Even our outlook, understanding of the world around us is determined and shaped by the environment in which we live. Our background and relationships and experiences shape our thoughts and the way we react to situations. Our understanding is what we perceive. It need not be true or correct. We are influenced by so many factors. We are all conditioned people, conditioned to believe in a certain God, religion, certain “ism’s”, nationality, caste, ethnicity and so on. A person born in a Hindu family will be conditioned to believe in Hinduism, likewise a person born in Christianity will be conditioned to believe in the teachings of Christ and so on. There are no really free people on Earth. People are burdened by so many prejudices and past experiences that nobody can be said to have a free clear vision.  We know only what we have learnt through the screen of our prejudices, our conditioning as a Hindu, a Christian, or a communist. We carry around the dead weight of all our past experiences, acquired knowledge and conditioning. Because of this dead weight we are unable to perceive the reality as it is. We only get a perverted vision and understanding.

Moreover all these vested interests like established religions, governments, political parties, sects, ism’s  exploit, use individual people and their brainwashed prejudices for their own purposes. Individuals have no freedom. They are all exploited by one group or other. Individuals indulge in violence in the name of religion, God, nationality, political beliefs, ethnicity, caste etc. They use violence because they are all misguided by their beliefs. To live in conformity is gratifying, it assures security to the disciple, and gives power to the disciple as well as the teacher. Through conformity, there is the strengthening of authority, secular or religious, and conformity makes for dullness. Once they are free individuals, without any conditioning, there cannot be any violence. It is so easy to misguide the people. To use their prejudices and conditioning to exploit them and in the process they lose their peace, their lives.  More people have been killed in violence unleashed by strong religious groups in the name of God than all other types of natural disasters. As long as “Man” is psychologically or physically used, whether in the name of “GOD” or of the State, there will be a society based on violence. Using “man” for a purpose is a trick employed by the politician and the priest.  Man does not hesitate to even exploit “God”. That word is to be made use of, to be exploited for their petty material gains. If the means is imitation, the end must be a copy. If the mind is shaped in the beginning, it must also be conditioned at the end. Let us realize that  “LOVE” is the only creative and constant revolution. We are all individual pearls in different shapes, sizes and texture and hues. As individuals we must shine. The world cannot be transformed till the individuals are transformed. Only a happy man can bring about a new social order. A person who is identified with one ideology or belief cannot be happy. Since he believes in an idealism that cannot be attained. Which is not real. Only when the mind is free from its projections, can there be happiness. If we are able to shed the dead weight of our past experiences, acquired knowledge and perceive and understand the reality as it is without any distortions then we will be happy. Let us become first hand people, let us be our own masters instead of following someone else’s teachings or preaching. All the manmade fences of religion, politics etc must be pulled down.

Is tomorrow better than today

Religious leaders exhort people to follow their path so that they will be assured of a better existence after death. Politicians exhort people to follow their ideologies for a better tomorrow. Revolutionaries say they are ready to kill or be killed for a better tomorrow. From the beginning of humans, we all know that we have been led or misled by different breeds of these so-called leaders. It seems we are all more interested about tomorrow than today. For the promise of a better tomorrow, we are ready to sacrifice our today. Nobody wants to live their present. We are ready to waste our today, this moment in the hope of getting a better tomorrow. We use up a good chunk of our lifetime in conducting so many religious rites, customs, penance’s for a better tomorrow. We sacrifice our today in the fond hope for an ever-elusive state of happiness tomorrow. Many people work their heart out to make money, then when they have money their search for happiness does not end, but only begins. They find that money by itself does not give happiness. Then they get into spirituality or what ever else, which catches their fancy. But I doubt whether anybody has really found happiness. Happiness remains an elusive mirage for the vast majority.

Religious foolishness of mankind:-

Man is inherently insecure. He is afraid of loneliness, death, of not being loved, of not becoming famous, not being physically secure, of the future, of not making enough money, losing at exams, losing our positions, becoming old or sickly etc. There is a lot he is frightened of. Moreover the so called religious leaders frighten him further about life after death, heaven and hell, karma and its results and so on. The list is endless. To overcome his fears, Man has created many ism’s, religions, Gods, Nations, groups etc. Nations have spent billions in the name of security for providing defenses of all kinds of weapons of mass destruction. But still the feeling of insecurity has only increased. Not decreased. All these man made groups and religions and ism’s have created divisions amongst mankind and it has created further insecurity. Acquiring money has become all-important nowadays only because people feel that more money will make them secure, it will give them more power and they will be able to gratify their desires. But more money will inevitably make them feel more insecure. They will then start feeling frightened of losing it. They will feel that without money what will they do? How will they live? Man is not afraid of the unknown. He is afraid of losing the known. It is the fear of losing the known, your pleasures, your attachments, possessions, that makes you most frightened. But man requires security. Security is all-important to humans. To get this feeling of security, man has run round in circles for so many centuries. Primitive man used to be terrified of thunder and lightening, of wild animals. History is replete of primitives feeding humans to dragons so that the rest of them may live in peace. They created a God out of their feeling of insecurity. With more intellectual awakening, the concept of God also became refined. Man created different Gods as suited to their requirements in different civilizations. The ancient Egyptians had their “Ra”, the Hindus have their ‘Rama”, the Greeks had so many Gods. With the advent of persons like Buddha and Christ, the concept became very well refined. But the basic principle has not changed much. Even now we go to places of worship for getting a feeling of security. We are conditioned into believing in one God or another. We are also conditioned into doing certain rituals. We are conditioned into believing in God and evil. Heaven and hell. Whether you want to be on the side of God or devil. We have no choice.  So when we do it as we are taught, we have a feeling of well being. If we do not do it we have a  guilty conscience. Christians have been taught to go to Church on Sundays or else they are sure to go to hell after their death. A child is taught to pray before sleeping so that the Gods will protect the child from evil spirits. It is a conditioning. To conform is gratifying, it assures security and power to disciple. Through conformity, there is the strengthening of authority, secular or religious, and conformity makes for dullness, which they call peace. In fact the human mind is very vulnerable. It requires such props and mental games for it to be healthy. So religions fulfill something psychological in Man. The concept of “GOD” is a requirement for man. So man invented or created different “Gods” as per his requirements. The Different “Gods” are mere mirror images of man’s own mind. Once a God is created, religion forms around it automatically. Once religion is formed we have the priestly class. Then it becomes the vested interest of the priestly class to preserve, protect and propagate the religion. Once mankind gets divided along so many different Gods, religions, belief’s the vested groups encourage conflict between them so that they can survive. All the conditioned second hand people are used to promote this useless and wasteful conflict.. Each person is identified by his religious belief’s, the individual loses his individuality. Individuals forget that all are individual humans just like themselves. One is a Muslim, the other is a Christian, another is a Hindu and so on. There is really no Muslim human being or Hindu human being. There is only one human being. The rest are all man made.

Followers of Christ’s message are called Christians. But in reality how many Christians really follows the message of Christ. The real followers of Christ do not differ from the real followers of Krishna or Buddha. They must be good righteous people who serve mankind and promotes love and peace. All religions preach that we are all part of the whole. We should love everyone. We should not hate even our enemies’ etc. But now we find that we are being conditioned into hating other religions, other communities, other people. A policy of intolerance has been promoted deliberately by vested interests with ulterior motives. We relish in cultivating inequality.

There are no founders for any religion. Each religion follow the message of some divine persons {enlightened persons} They were all men of peace, Messengers of love. These messengers of peace, love and understanding never founded any religion. They never wanted to convert any body into any particular religion. They never promoted any religion. Buddha never promoted Buddhism. Christ never promoted Christianity. Even Sree Narayana Guru never wanted his followers to be known as a separate caste. They only wanted the people to do good, to love each other and live in peace. But it is always the followers with materialistic aims and ambitions who start to propagate their Guru’s message and create a new religion. Religion becomes propaganda, Religion is essentially based on acceptance of a theory. The followers instead of absorbing the teachings and message create a new God, out of their Guru. They become a new cult with its own rites and customs. We are being used both psychologically and physically by the priests, politicians for their narrow gains.

All the religions that we know came into being with the intention of refining Man. Taking out the animal instincts out of Man and make him evolve into something Godly. But it is a sad fact that more humans have been killed in the name of religion than all the natural calamities put together. People have exploited religion to attain power, prove superiority, promote hatred. The world will be a much better place without any of these religions. It is a debatable question whether religions have achieved their stated objectives, whether they have succeeded in refining Man. After some time, religions lose their focus and instead of serving mankind it grows into some gargantuan monster which starts to exploit man for its own objectives.

It is high time that people of all religions open their eyes and understand that the inherent message of all religions are one and the same. Whatever the religion, it is the individual man who should be refined of his greed, desire, hatred, jealousy etc. But we see people indulging in all sorts of mischief in the name of religion. A true seeker of God has no religious boundaries. Religions exist for the goodness of mankind. Mankind does not exist to propagate one religion or another. There is no good religion or bad religion. All religions are good. It is when it is misinterpreted by some for their selfish interests, it becomes misplaced. Once the individuals become realized, the whole world will become haven of peace, friendship and harmony. The moment I realize that I am the world and the world is me, them I am not a Christian, nor a Hindu, or a Buddhist. I am a human being like everyone else.

There is no necessity for us to be bounded by any particular religion, race or caste. Rise above these narrows confines and free yourselves. All are created equal. All are reflections of God. It is the acquired dirt that will determine the brilliance of the reflection. Remove the dirt, break the shackles, be free, realize yourselves and become part of GOD. Realize that LOVE is the only creative and constant revolution.


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