Our cosmos and the Vedic Philosophy

Our Cosmos and the Vedic philosophy

By Adv. George Merlo Pallath.


What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist as humans? Where are we in relation to the cosmos? What is the difference between the rest of matter and life? These are questions that any intelligent person must have asked at some point in his life. But to get meaningful, foolproof and acceptable answers to these questions are very difficult. In a way it is like the ants seeking answers about the human civilization. It is beyond the comprehension of mere humans.

But we humans are so egoistic that we cannot accept the fact that we are close to nothing when compared to the cosmos. Just imagine the fact that our galaxy is just one among the billions of galaxies existing in this vast and unfathomable universe.  In the universe, our galaxy is a mere dot. In this single galaxy there are billions of stars equal to our sun. Our sun is a mere dot among the billions of stars in our galaxy called the “Milky Way”. Light is considered to be the fastest to reach one point from another point in space. For light to reach our nearest star, it takes light years. Our planet is as small as a pinhead next to a football compared to the sun. As far as we know life in its barest form exist on this planet alone in our planetary system. Whether there is life on other similar planets in other planetary systems is a debatable point. Not answered till date. Since with our primitive science, what we can see of the universe is a mere speck of the entire system. Whatever happens to the human race or to earth for that matter will not make any body sit up and take notice in the universe. In the universe, stars are born and destroyed every second. Whole galaxies are being devoured into black holes and born again.

Against this backdrop we must analyze our position in relation to the universe. Are we important? Are we of any consequence? Is there any difference between the humans and the lowly bacteria.  Does anybody care about what happens to us humans? Nobody cared about the extinction of the dinosaurs. Our maximum imagination is inconsequential in the vast expanse of the Universe. We are made of the elements and we will return to the elements. For a short time some elements are combined together in a special manner to give rise to a specific existence separate and distinct from the surroundings for a specified time. Likewise the bacteria or any other life form also exists. Apart from the special form of bonding amongst the individual atoms and molecules, there will be no existence in this highly individualized style.

What makes us tick? What holds these atoms together? What form of energy is it?

Is it not the same energy that is holding us together, that is holding the planetary system together? The galaxies together? This energy is known by various names. Some call it magnetism, Others call it gravitation. Yet others call it cosmic energy. Only the names are different. Whatever it may be it is the single common factor in molecules, living beings, elements, stars and the cosmos. You visualize a situation where this energy is withdrawn, every thing will come apart, separates, collapses. Universes collapse, our body collapses, molecules collapse. Is it this energy that we call life. Or is life energy another form of energy that has not yet been identified.

Every one knows that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another or from matter to energy or viceversa.  As far as the universe is concerned, there is no time. Time exists only for us mortals. We are born in one form and that form dies after the prescribed time. But for the universe there is no time. There is no beginning or end. It goes on and on. Stars die and new stars are born every second. Galaxies are created and destroyed every second. Black holes consume whole galaxies. Constant recycling is taking place. Recycling of energy, matter, space and time.

Our Sun is a middle-aged star. Some more millions of years, it will die. Then our earth will also cease to exist. Millions of years is a small period in the history of this timeless universe.  According to the latest theory this particular universe started some 12 billion years back. Before that there was nothing. Then suddenly out of nowhere, a small atomic sized universe of unimaginable density was formed within a fraction of a second after the creation and then it exploded into a cataclysmic cloud of heat and dust. Matter and anti matter was formed. It continued to expand and cool to form the present universe. This universe is continuously expanding as found by Hubble, a space scientist. Now we have evidence that the universe is expanding at a much faster pace than previously believed. In fact it is expanding at about a billion miles all around every second. Galaxies are moving apart at great speed. In the distant future, the universe will expand into nothingness. Maybe after another billion years there will be another big bang and a repeat of every thing.

According to the theory of universe in the Vedas, there is no beginning or end. It will be created and destroyed again and again. It will go on continuously forever cyclically. As per the ancient Hindu Vedas, universes are created and destroyed on a daily basis. The force that makes it all happen is called “Ishwara”. The whole universe and the matter and the energy came into existence by the thought of “Ishwara” or the Cosmic Consciousness. Every thing is part of the whole. All the objects in the universe is affected by all other objects whether big or small. Every thing is part of the whole.

This same idea is gaining ground among the greatest astro physicists. We are composed of the same material that is found in stars, meteorites, and cosmos. All this material came from one source, the thought of Iswara. At first there was an atomic sized universe. This atomic sized universe started with the big bang and is continuously expanding at breakneck speed. If it continues to expand at this rate, at some point in the future, the universe will disappear into nothingness. This is the theory that stands now.

When a man falls from the top of a building to the ground, he dies, not because his atoms and molecules collide with the atoms and molecules of the earth, but because his electrically charged force field collides with the electrically charged force shield of the earth. If this force field is withdrawn he will go right through without getting hurt in any manner.

It is well settled that light is the only constant in the universe. In the Bible, God Said “ Let there be light”. Every thing came from light. In all experiences of man who had conversed with God, it is described as a blinding light or flame.

As per the descriptions in the Vedas, a yogi who has merged his consciousness with the cosmic essence perceives this light. He finds no difference between the light rays composing water and the light rays composing land. Free from matter consciousness, free from the three dimensions of space and the fourth dimension of time, a master sees through the delusions concerning matter and its gravitational weight. He sees the universe as an essentially undifferentiated mass of light. Just like when we see the movies, different images fleets across the screen. But essentially it is all light. According to the Vedas, creation, what we perceive as reality around us is only one vast motion picture. It is not the reality. Reality lies beyond it. Our scientists spend a lot of time to understand this perceived reality that is but Maya. However much we perceive it, it is of no avail. The reality is something else and lies beyond it. This whole universe is but a thought projection of the Supreme Reality { Cosmic Consciousness} or God whatever we may choose to call it. Mass is noting but individual atoms clustered together. Held tightly by the gravitational force exerted by the individual atoms. Positive and negative.  Like the law of Newton “ “ To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This whole universe is existing on this one principle of equal and opposite forces. If there are no opposite force, it will all fall apart. All the laws of physical science works within this parameter of equal and opposite forces.  The humanity must surmount this law of duality and try to perceive the unity of the creator. Those who cling to the cosmic illusion of duality must accept its essential law of polarity, day and night, pleasure and pain, good and evil, birth and death. To tear this veil of Maya is to pierce the secret of creation.  The yogi who thus denudes the universe is the only true monotheist. All others are worshipping heathen images.  In the end man must learn that there is no material universe. Their warp and woofs are mere illusion. Maya.  One by  one all the reassuring props of physical cosmos {The established laws of physics} shall crash beneath him. No purpose will be served by one spot of light on the cinema screen investigating and thinking about another spot on the screen. The truth lies elsewhere.

Another way we can think about it is to consider all that is known to humanity as the known and whatever is not knowable as the unknown. We can think any thing, we can imagine any thing, we can study anything , but all this will come within the known. About the unknown we cannot think imagine or study. It is the unknown. It will not be known. It is beyond our comprehension, imagination and thought. Matter and antimatter, Known and the unknown, positive and negative. The more we study it the more complex it becomes. Its study will only make us feel more and more frustrated. I hope one day every thing will be revealed to us or atleast to some individuals.

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